Wiperswitch Citroen Saxo (1996+) 1.5 D
Mando Limpiaparabrisas Citroen Saxo (1996+) 1.5 D
  • Mando Limpiaparabrisas Citroen Saxo (1996+) 1.5 D

Wiperswitch Citroen Saxo (1996+) 1.5 D


Specific References

Ref.: 102938
Model: Saxo (1996+)
Versions: 1.5 D
Engine Code: VJZ (TUD5)
OEM reference: 96049597ZL
IAM Reference: 61580003
Observations: CON LIMPIA TRA
We have got in our stock Wiperswitch from Citroen Saxo . To know if this spare car part fits on your car, you must compare photos and refereces with your item. If you want ask us any detail, write us, please, to our whatsapp 0034655858994. The references of our Wiperswitch are 96049597ZL 61580003Wiperswitch secondhand We ship it to your house or your mechanical workshop into UK and whole European Union.The Wiperswitch has been checked and stored ready to be sent to you. Thank you for trusting us
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